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How pens and pencils will still be a part of our daily lives.


Pens and pencils have been part of our daily lives for thousands of years. They are still relevant today because they make us more aware, attentive, and mindful. They help us process difficult emotions by helping us meditate on what we want to say or make us feel calmer. The physicality of writing with a pen or pencil can also be like a sensory experience that helps you connect with your body, your mind, and spirit as you write.

Pens and pencils have always been part of our daily lives.

Writing has always been part of our daily lives. It's a natural process, and it's also a way to communicate with others. Writing is how we express ourselves, think more clearly, remember things, make decisions and more!

And you can't forget about handwriting! Without it, who knows if any of us would have been able to communicate as successfully as we do today?

The reason why I'm writing this article about pens and pencils is that I recently realized that most people don't know how important these tools are to our daily lives.

In the age of digital, pens and pencils are still relevant.

In the age of digital, pens and pencils are still relevant.

Pens and pencils are still in use today, but they're not just for writing anymore. They can be used to scan documents, create illustrations from scratch and even doodle on your phone! One thing that hasn't changed is how much we love our pens—and it's not just because they're great for drawing pictures; it's also because they look nice when we write with them.

Writing transforms our thoughts into words.

Writing transforms our thoughts into words. It makes us more attentive, more conscious and aware of what we're thinking. Writing is therapeutic because it helps us meditate on a particular topic or issue that we're dealing with at the time. For example:

  • You're feeling stressed out about your job or schoolwork and need some time to relax before going back to work/school tomorrow morning (which isn't an option). That's when writing comes in handy—you can just sit down at your desk for 10 minutes or so and let all those feelings come pouring out onto paper, then move on from there!

  • You've been dealing with some tough emotions lately (like depression), but aren't sure how exactly how best to handle them when faced head-on by other people around you (who might not understand what exactly is going on inside their friend/family member). This could be either because no one else understands what exactly made him/her feel this way, or maybe even worse yet - someone else thinks he/she should just get over it already! Either way--writing helps him figure things out faster than talking does...

The pen is mightier than the sword.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

The pen is powerful and can change lives. It has been used by many to write stories, paint pictures, and create music that people listen to today. The pen was also used by soldiers during wartime to write messages back home or on their bodies so they would not be killed if captured by the enemy. Today we still use the same idea with technology like smartphones, tablets and computers which are all made possible thanks to pens and pencils!

Writing gives us clarity.

Writing is a way to express our thoughts, feelings and ideas. It helps us organize our ideas and express them clearly in a way that others can understand.

Writing helps us understand what we are thinking or feeling as well as how others feel or behave. Writing also provides clarity on issues such as events, processes and products so that everyone may benefit from the information available when needed.

Writing makes us better thinkers.

Writing is a way to express our thoughts, feelings, and ideas. It helps us organize our thoughts, think more clearly, think more deeply and creatively, and critically evaluate the world around us.

Writing also encourages us to engage in conversations with ourselves about what we've written—about what works well or doesn't work so well; about why certain words were chosen over others; or just anything at all!

Perhaps this is why we still need pens and pencils when we do things like take exams and fill out forms in offices.

Perhaps this is why we still need pens and pencils when we do things like take exams and fill out forms in offices. Writing is a way to get your thoughts out on paper, so you can organize them into sentences, paragraphs and more complex text. It can help you remember things better by marking them off as you read through something new. And it's also a great way to learn new things! We've all heard the saying "writing down what you know" - but if that doesn't sound like something you do often enough then maybe it's time for some penmanship practice!

Writing serves many purposes beyond just making notes: it helps us communicate our ideas effectively through writing or speaking with others; it improves our understanding of ourselves as well as others (this may seem obvious but I think we forget sometimes).

They make us more attentive, conscious, and aware.

The moment you pick up a pencil, it's as if you're holding the world in your hands. It's not just that they make us more attentive, conscious and aware; they are also one of the most functional ways to focus on what is happening now—especially when we want to be more mindful or aware of our surroundings.

Pens and pencils help us be present in all aspects of life: during meetings at work; while travelling abroad or even when sitting down for dinner with friends!

Writing can be therapeutic.

Writing is a great way to process difficult emotions.

When you’re feeling down, writing can help you process your feelings and think about them in a less emotional way. It also allows you to see yourself from another perspective—and this can be helpful in understanding why something happened or whether or not it was worth worrying about.

The physicality of writing can help us meditate on what we want to say and make us feel calmer.

Writing is a physical activity that helps us meditate on what we want to say and makes us feel calmer. It has the potential to help you get clear on your thoughts, emotions and feelings. When you're writing something down in detail, it prevents you from being distracted by other things going on around you or inside yourself--you can focus solely on what's being written without having to think about anything else at all!

Writing can also help ground us in reality by helping us feel grounded when we're stressed out or anxious. This grounding effect comes from being physically connected with our bodies - feeling ourselves as though they were separate entities rather than just an extension of our minds (which they are).

Using a pen or a pencil can be like a sensory experience that helps you connect with your body, your mind, and your spirit as you write.

Using a pen or pencil can be like a sensory experience that helps you connect with your body, mind and spirit. When you write with a pen or pencil, you are actually using the weight of the object as part of your writing process. This can help you focus on what you are trying to say by making sure there is something physical involved in the process.

When we use pens or pencils, we aren't just using them to write; we're also using them physically because they have weight and texture which makes them feel different from other objects in our lives (like phones).

Digital communication is fast but writing by hand helps us think more clearly, process difficult emotions, meditate, heal ourselves, and focus on positivity.

When you write by hand, it helps you think more clearly.

Writing by hand enables us to process difficult emotions and heal ourselves.

Writing by hand gives us the opportunity to meditate and focus on positivity.


If you've ever used a pen or pencil, then you know they're not just something we use to write on paper. They are part of our daily lives and have been for centuries. In fact, some people believe that the invention of writing was essential to human evolution because it allowed us to communicate with one another across time and space in ways that would otherwise have never been possible otherwise!

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