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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I pronounce Kwike
    Well, This seems a legit question. A lot of people has a lot of different pronounciations for us like Kwik, Kwikeyy, Kwiko, etc. & we love the genorisity of all them. Our way to pronounce Kwike is simple - Its Kwik-E just like Wall-E. Consider this as QUICK & E. Btw, Thats who we are Quick & Easy. Kwik-E.
  • Are you seriously assuring Same-Day Delivery or its just another Marketing Stunt?
    Aloha! We are Damn Serious about assuring Same-Day Delivery to our Customers. That is what makes us Quick & Easy. Our mission is we dont want our customers to wait for the things they love to use & still we want them to experience the thing virtually before they purchase it. Our Distribution & Procurement Network Advancements make Same-Day Delivery possible for nearly all of our customers. So it is NOT AT ALL A MARKETING STUNT.
  • Where are you currently Operationally?
    The Birthplace of Kwike is the Diamond City of India - Surat. We are currently operational in Surat City & outskirts of Surat & rather then believing in Expansion, we believe in Supereme Efficiency of our Supply chain. Our near-Future plans is to expand on the western belt of the nation by focusing on cities like Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Valsad.
  • Why Only Stationery?
    A lot of people asked us, Our question was simple. We believed in doing something where everyone has just left seeing. Its not that we are an Only Stationery store, but for the recent times, we are putting our prime focus on Stationery & its relevant products, we understand that stationery items are a dire necessity for anyone who wishes to grow & excel. But the reality is that for such a neccesary industry, there is virtually no organised marketplace & distributionplace in India. We wanted to change that. We wanted to bring the efficiency in the tools which you use in your daily life to be the next CEO or the next Picasso of the community.
  • How can I pay for my order ?
    Well, we believe in keeping things available & simple. Just like any other online store, you can use all your online payment methods at the checkout like Debit/Credit Cards, UPI, PayTM, Netbanking etc. & our partnerships with industry-leader financial organisations assure that your money & mode of payment is military-grade secured. Although, if you are an old-school person just like my Dad, then you can still pay to our Delivery Manager by Cash or payment methods mentioned above. (We highly suggest of not enabling Cash on Delivery during the pandemic for the safety of yours & ours). So, as long as your worth is satisfied, all General payment options work. (Yes, even Paypal works, LOL)
  • How safe are the Deliveries?
    Well Nowadays, Sanitisation has become the standard for safety, isn't it? We do our complete part by sanitising our Warehouses, Delivery Bags, Pouches & Vehicles every 24 Hours to make sure they are neat & clean. Also, all our Delivery Managers are tested & proven negative by the Rapid Antigen COVID-19 test by the local health authorities. We strongly recomend you to not opt for giving Cash while doing payments & we have trained our staff for contactless deliveries for your & our safety.
  • Can I order before 10 AM or after 5 PM?
    For sure, you definetly can! Our Promise at Kwike is to have an ever-open marketplace for you in order for you to experience & shop the things you like. But the time-period between 10AM to 5PM is our Q-TIme & we run our same-Day Delivery services within this time. We work in a Hyperlocal industry & for us, Customer's trust on us is the supereme gift we have & we do everything & maintain it & thus we always be transparent to our customers. So in case if you are orders are places before 10 AM or after 5 PM, this is how we will serve you. If you ordered between 5:01 PM to 11:59 PM - As per the current Government regulations we are not allowed to deliver things post 5 PM, so for orders between 5PM - 11:59 PM would be served on the next given date within 24 Business Hours. If you ordered between 12:00 AM to 7:00 AM - Our Deliveries would be served on the same date you ordered between 8-10 Business Hours. If you ordered between 7:01 AM to 9:59 AM - Our Deliveries would be served on the same date you ordered between 5-7 Business Hours.
  • What should I do if i have some problem with your services?
    Well, That is the most basic question we ask ourselves when think on excelling our Customer Service. We do our every single bit, so that you dont face any problems while spending time with us, but in case our day havent been so lucky & we could not make you happy then, we will do our every bit to solve your problems which you faced on the portal. We have in-house Customer Support for problems in Products, Deliveries & Payments (The General type of Problems which usually every e-commerce store faces) & you can directly head out to our support Page in order to file issues if you have. (We linked the page below for you to head over to.) Support Page P.S. - We measure our sucess on this particular question, So the lesser time this question is opened the more better we are doing! (Haha, mixing Metrics with Problem solving to get results)
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